Chow panini 174x252
Species: Cat/Bunny/Bear
Age: 10
Friends: Ms. Endive, Ambrosia (apprentice)
Relatives: Chowder (husband)

Panchowbies (children)

Alias(es): Master of Bakery, Past Apprentice
First Appearance: Chowder's Girlfriend

Panini is an 10-year old girl and one of the main characters in the series. She became a great chef under the tutelage of her teacher, Ms. Endive.


Panini is very loyal to Ms. Endive and gets punished by her whenever she fails her, according to "The Apprentice Games". Panini always obeys Ms. Endive's demands, even if it means hurting Chowder.

Panini is also a good Sniffleball player. In one episode, Panini thought that she and Chowder had a Bluenana Baby. Panini also has a dark side, like when she violently forced Chowder to hold her hand and when she almost beat Gazpacho into a pulp. She sometimes seems to dislike Gorgonzola due to his constant bullying of Chowder.


Panini is a cat/Bunny (Cabbit). Unlike Chowder,she is pink and is often seen in a yellow dress with a green heart adorned with tink green polka dots. She wears her large round ears tied up to a ponytail holder that matches her dress color. She also wears chartreuse shoes. She has a cat tail with a white stripe and rose coloured eyes. She has two sharp teeth and claws, though she only bears them upon Mrs. Endive's command. She seems to have the abiltiy to fly using her ears as a helicopter propellers.

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