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Welcome to Chowder Fan Fiction, a site for Chowder fanon that anyone can create! Here, anyone can write just about anything related to Chowder. We already have many episodes, series, and more. In fact, we have 20 pages right now! There are no restrictions on new users, either. In fact, even users without an account can edit and create pages.

Where Do I Go For Help?

We've got plenty of users that can help you! If you need to ask a questions, just go to the admin's message wall and ask for help!

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There are real people making page edits here!

What is Canon?

Canon means "part of the storyline." In other words, canon Chowder is anything part of the real series.


This wiki needs editors. Anyone can edit. Even if you only make 10 edits a day. Even if you just go on chat. Even if you just comment, or just leave messages, WE NEED EDITORS


Any user can create Any page about anythings related to Chowder. You can create sequel seires, series with new chefs, crossover series, series with other characters as the main character and it doesn't stop there. Use the box below to get started. Simply type in the name of the article.