Chowder dreams of becoming a great chef someday. But the young apprentice must first find his way in the mystical city of Marzipan, where the simplest recipes become the craziest adventures.

Chow chowder 174x252
Species: Cat/Bear/Rabbit
Age: 9
Friends: Mung Daal, Shnitzel, Truffles, Kimchi (pet)
Relatives: Panini (wife)

Panchowbies (children)

First Appearance: The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin


Chowder is, at most times, a friendly, innocent child who is easily pleased. However, he gets very angry when he does not eat for even the smallest period of time (1 minute), or when he is being teased or taunted. Chowder is so kind-hearted that he did not want to tell Mung Daal that his food tasted bad in the episode "The Taste Buds" (although this may be because of Chowder's tongue) nor does he intend to hurt anyone physically or emotionally in the show.

However at times Chowder can be greedy, selfish, deceptive and violent, but only when it involves food. Tasting and sampling to Chowder means eating it all for himself leaving Mung to cook the recipe again. He never listens to Mung when he tells him not to do things or just blanks him out, this has resulted in problems whenever Mung tells him to eat only a certain amount or way and he doesn't listen. Whenever a food he wants is involved Chowder will go to any length to have it right away even when promised some later. Also, he 's dumb, but sometimes he's smart enough to get out of trouble.


Chowder is a chubby child who wears an oversized purple shirt along with a double-pointed hat, and dark violet shoes But later in "Chowder Grows Up", he still wears the purple shirt with no pants but now it is a T-shirt and he wears purple sneakers. At times he is shown wearing fuicshia trousers, but his shirt simply covers them. Throughout the episode Hey Hey It's Knishmas!, he wore a pink one-piece throughout the entire episode, the outfit only Chowder's Knishmas Attire Added by PeaceLoveChowder revealing his face. This outfit also takes the exact shape at his everyday hat towards the top. Chowder, like Panini, exhabbits claws, the claws are use for battle and chopping food to eat.

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